Sofala Bible Institute

Who we Are

SBI is an interdenominational theological education institution. It doesn’t belong to just one church but is open to receive students from various evangelical churches as long as they are in agreement with the statement of faith of the school.  SBI was established in 1989 through the initiative of AIM – Africa Inland Mission International – and some Mozambican evangelical churches. At this time SBI has ten employees, thirteen national professors and five foreign professors (volunteers). SBI contributes, as possible, to the training of its students in the spiritual, intellectual, and professional areas and helps its students develop Christian character, leading them to be zealous for the Holy Scriptures, to perfect their gifts and abilities, and, above all, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples.

Our Philosophy

SBI is a community of disciples of Jesus who know Him as Savior and Lord and who desire to grow toward spiritual maturity. Therefore, the school aims to promote Christian character, knowledge of the Scriptures, and development of skills to serve the church.

Our Objective

The main objective of SBI is the theological training of those who desire to better serve God, equipping them to serve in Christian ministry, thus contributing to the growth of the evangelical church in Mozambique.